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"Do we suspect that there may be some kind of connection between Ben and Glory?"
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July 14 2012

Joss Whedon's NerdHQ panel kicks off. Follow it live on ETA: Link changed to a recording of the panel.

Lisatwingomez and I just met Joss AGAIN because we somehow BOTH got tickets for the signing. :)

One of the BEST moments of my life. I told him how much he inspires us, and I told him about our album, and I took it out, and I asked him, "I don't know if you're taking anything... But here's our album, and "A Stake in my Heart" is the first song!" and he said, "Yes it is!" and he took our album!!!

He looked so grateful and appreciative, and I thanked him, and I don't care if he EVER listens to it, he's a sweetheart. I'm a fan for life. I almost wanted to start crying after I met him because I was so happy.

Lisatwingomez and I will still be tweeting throughout the weekend for all Whedony events, so feel free to follow us on twitter: lisatwingomez and broadwayhottie.

Oh cool, I didn't realise this was happening - is he really on for an hour and a half?!
I really enjoyed his answer to the Hulk question. I'll add the link to the archived video when it goes up.
Nice! That was so fun. Loved all the Avengers stufff. Cannot wait to hear his commentary on the DVDs
Didn't catch it all as I'm a terrible fan, but the questions all weekend I've seen have been generally great. No iPod track listings. (Although somebody might want to crank out the @itsJOSSnotJOSH twitter account again).

Also, something which will probably fly under the press radar but worth noting: joss has show ideas, and he's figuring out which is the best.
That was a really awesome panel!

I really hope we get to see Wastelanders an DH2 before the end of 2013 somehow.

It's 1am over here but I think I'll stay up for the Doctor Who panel in what 2 hours?
Bummer, I missed it, do I have to wait until tomorrow for them to link it? Because the above link is only to the live show.
If you missed live stream, now tehy've provided the recording of the panel:
Thank you so much for the link Numfar PTB! And wow, that was great... I mean I love to see Joss just on the stage alone talking about his processes and his shows and everything under the sun.

And it really is a wonderful series that Zack has put together, something exciting that takes advantage of all the wonderful people who come to SDCC but provides another venue and really worthwhile purpose.
That was great. And it's nice to know that Joss feels exactly like me about "The Wire" : I know I'll have to watch it one day, it's just gonna be hard to start.
Just finished watching it.Pretty great Q/A.
Awesome panel. Joss is the best. Loved his talk of being in a creative, isolated bubble of sorts... Sad, of course, but I get it. He's swell.
Jobo, thank you for the report. Caught a few things there that just made my world! Thank you again X2.
This was fantastic. Best Joss Q&A I've ever seen. I loved everything but some of his turns of phrase were wonderful. I also adored everything he said about Loki and Hiddles. And for those disputing that Loki is The Spike? Now you have it from HIS mouth.

I love how on point he still is with Buffy, too. Every single time a BtVS q was brought up he was *bam*, right there. Right on it. Come to think of it, he's like that with everything.

So cool to hear him talk about working with his brothers, and how he was sure to include Maurissa in his praise.

Did ya'll notice how hoarse he was? Not having so much the Joss voice, but totes understandable considering it's fucking Comic-Con and he probably hasn't stopped talking for two days.

The part where he talked about embodying his characters while writing them, caring for them and wanting to play them. LOVE!!

Also, who knew Levi was SUCH a fanboy? I didn't. At least until the trailer park.

Really dug hearing him talk about how the work is what fuels him, energizes him.

Anyone else think he's gonna take a pass on Avengers 2 and direct Guardians of the Galaxy, instead? Just a feeling...
Anybody have a link to a video that works for iPhones?
I tried to see if it was on the app but no joy so far.
I think the caption under the link on the page is pretty awesome.

"When Joss Whedon speaks, you listen."
So Zach Levi to star in Dr. Horrible 2 anyone?
The guy can sing, is funny and loves his fans he'd be perfect.
Seriously, I would love to see this guy in the Whedonverse!!
Shaunie I think that's a distinct possibility. Notsomuch about Horrible, but who knows? They obviously have affection for one another, so I can totally see him joining the ever-growing repertory of Jossness.
Haven't had a chance to go through my photos from this panel yet, but it was nice, for once, to be in a room of only like 250 people to listen to Joss talk about stuff.
I was there. It was glorious - I got some very good shots (for me) of Joss. There is one where I swear he is channeling Ron Howard (but Joss is better looking). His face is so expressive that it tells stories all on its own. Feel free to take a look:

Tonya's Joss at NerdHQ Photos

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