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"Is there a Geppetto in the house?"
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July 14 2012

A Firefly reunion photo. On Friday put online photos from the Science Channel's Firefly round-table.

I love this fandom. Seriously, this has been one of the BEST weekends of my life. Thank you Joss & Crew for putting a smile on my face :D
Just saw the panel on YouTube, it's always heartwarming to see these guys together.

And it made me want to check past panels, and I just saw that Comic Con had a BUFFY panel in 1998, with the entire cast (except Sarah).

You can read an incomplete transcript HERE. How awesome would it be if we could see it !
Did miss Jewel there.
Where are Sean's legs?!

Aw, man, I so wish I could've been there. What a great looking group of folks.

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