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July 15 2012

Dark Horse's Joss Whedon Comic-Con panel video. This is not the same as the Firefly panel or the Nerd HQ Q&A.

I expected a rant about capitalism but instead got a thoughtful monologue about politics, history and economics.
Love the shirt! Can't wait for the movie. What a great weekend this has been, basking in the Whedony love.
Actively working on new Firefly comics. Apart from the Wastelanders hints, this is the best news I have heard.

Eventually working up to a continuing series? Pretty please (I'm only ten minutes in to the video).
I love his response to the Wonderflonium question. Joss is such a comedian.

I would love a Joss Whedon adaptation of Hamlet.

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I love it so much when Joss does a panel when he is exhausted, he is always funny and very edgy. I love a Dark Panel! It is the truth.
I wish there was a transcript of this. My speakers are wonky and I can't hear it.
His delivery is so spot on, those transcripts don't do it justice.

@menomegirl there are rough transcripts a few posts down here:
So glad he acknowledged the problem with female cheesecake statues!

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I could go for a Cabin in the Woods stage musical, and Fray action figures. <---been asking for them for YEARS.
Xane exactly. Sideshow collectables please take note.
So much goodness there but his rant about statues stood out for me as well. I was glad to hear him say that he was applying to Festivals for Much Ado. Fingers crossed that it isn't too late for him to get into the Toronto International Film Festival - if he applied, that is.
He's reiterating the "not going back" thing about unproduced projects. I suspect with wild supposition that means, for the most part, Goners is a goner... until and unless it suddenly speaks to him again. Which is, you know, entirely understandable. But I will still pine for it.
"This is like the Frank Miller version of me." Can that be one of the quotes on the site?
Also, does anyone else want to see Joss and Terry Gilliam pair up and create a beautify terrifying allegory of our current economic system?
Another fantastic panel. He really seemed tired, which actually made him even funnier (and darker).

And I'm really curious to hear his score for Much Ado.
Thank you, D-e-f- :)

I must have missed that!

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