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February 12 2004

Angel season 4 DVD (R1) available Fall 2004 according to the insert card from the season 3 boxset.

That's fairly quick isn't it? Is the North American market catching up with the Europeans?

no, Season 2 came out in September. Season 3 came out this week. That's right on time.
"Right on time" in my home, jack knight, translates to "too damn slow!"

Got my 2 copies of Season 3 yesterday...
Chris, I never said I was happy about it. If it were up to me, My Buffy collection would be complete already.
I am planning a season 3 Angel marathon this weekend. A friend of mine is a recent convert and hasn't seen season 2 yet, so there may be a rather lenghly time of Angel watching.
Not a criticism, jack, just my frustration oozing out...sorry!

RootBoy, sounds like a great weekend ahead!
on time is waaay too slow, i want them all now!
I don't mind the wait. This way we can save up our money without going broke so quickly, (the younger fans) and I love the excitement I get? I dunno. I don't want to rush it all and then get bored of all of the seasons, soon. Not that I could, but I like the wait.
Besides, we get Buffy Season 6 in not too long of a wait. Just think, by this time next year we should be all caught up. With Angel season 4 in the fall, Buffy season 7 in December or January and Angel season 5 about this time next year, they'll have Angel season 6 out right before season 7 starts up (provided the show goes on that long. Although May seems a long way away since I'm already on disc 4 of my Angel season 3 set.

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