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July 15 2012

A God Among Geeks. So says The Guardian in a piece on Joss Whedon's standing in the geek world from Comic-Con.

I've only met a couple people in my life who were familiar with his work. I can't imagine being at Comic-Con where there are legions of passionate fans coming together. What an experience it must be. I saw the Avengers' midnight open, sat in a full audience of people roaring with laughter at all the jokes, and that Joss humor was so familiar and awesome... I loved getting to enjoy that with so many others.

It's remarkable (and I know this has been said a lot) that Firefly only ran for 1 season, out of order, and a decade later has maintained this extraordinary level of significance. I knew it was cancelled before I started watching so it was easier for me to process, but I miss the storylines and arcs that didn't come to pass... as a fan of Buffy and Angel, I believe his shows don't really hit their stride until after the first season.

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A little odd how they managed to mention the political statement without including the part that was actually the point.
The whole article seemed quickly done, as though the reporter had a bunch of notes which she was trying to tie together into a coherent whole. It left the article a little off somehow. Still, I never get tired of reading how other people are discovering Joss and I like the quote from Clare Kramer, wherever it came from.
Yeah that political portion was pretty terrible, totally changed Joss' meaning.
I expect lots of people will be taking Joss' comments out of context. Quite a shame.

It is lovely to see more and more people discovering Joss, though.

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