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"Scully wants me so bad."
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July 15 2012

Joss to guest star in Jane Espenson's Husbands. He'll be in all 3 episodes of the 2nd season, with his biggest acting role to date as Brady's agent.

Oh yes. This promises to be much fun.
The article says tho that he'll be the agent of Cheek's husband.

But yay. :DDD \o/
Oh thanks for that, fixed. Although I'm seeing conflicting reports about the publicist/agent thing...
Such fun! I'm surprised they managed to keep this under wraps. Can a guest appearance on The Guild be far behind?
ZOMG YES! Can't wait for August.

Also, I really wanted to see Golden Guys. That sounded like so much fun. Fitting that they performed it at Joss' house since his dad wrote on Golden Girls. Full circle-y, and all that.
I was there :) fantastic acting job, really. Loved that clip. The room was cracking up. I took a picture but out of respect for them, I won't post it.
He's also starring in a new web series this Wednesday. Something to do with kids' stories.
I was in the room!!!

SO EPIC, and Joss was HILARIOUS! You guys are going to DIE! :D
Simon, of course, not The Guild, but Geek & Sundry. I was close!
This looks like huge fun, and it always makes me happy to know that Joss is having fun! The show is clever and funny, I just wish they were doing more episodes!
Looking forward to this.
Officially, he is playing Brady's agent. Their publicist was kind enough to send us a note clarifying that point. I changed the headline.

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