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July 16 2012

Nathan Fillion's second (and third) NerdHQ panel videos. Nathan charmed his way into getting a second full-on solo panel at Nerd Machine's NerddHQ on Sunday where he auctions off stuff for charity. Also, a video from Saturday's mystery panel with Zach Levi, Nathan, Adam Baldwin and Summer Glau: Part 1 and Part 2.

The mystery panel also includes Scott Wolf and Jason Ritter. Adam and Nathan stayed directly after Nathan's first panel because the scheduled Assassin's Creed III panel got canceled last minute and Zach scrapped together this mystery panel.

Summer: "I think I'm most nerdy about gardening"

I caught most of Nathan's auction yesterday live, and it was hilarious! Nathan is really good at this kind of interaction, keeping it fun and funny.

I'll have to watch the mystery panel w/Summer et al, I missed that one!
Does anyone have the Joss panel on YouTube? I can't watch it in there!
I wish I knew why these videos don't work half the time. You click on the link, which takes you to the desired page, but the video won't play, leaving you with the message, "Sorry, video not found".
Sometimes refreshing the page works (ie I've had the same trouble).
That was pure fun! They raised so much money for Operation Smile. The video cut off when he auctioned off the little cards. Is there another segment?
kungfubear, Rikardo are you using an Ad-blocker by any chance? I couldn't play the archived videos either until I disabled my adblock+ in Firefox.
electricspacegirl, you just made my day and also all the days after it until the end of time. I most humbly thank you for that link of unadulterated splendor. :)
Words don't really do justice to being in the second row of the Nathan Fillion NerdHQ panel on Sunday morning. And he washed his hair just for us. He said so! :-) In an hour plus of priceless moments (I Curse you, Man who got the Slytherin Scarf AND the Scooter ... not really, a lot of money for kids was raised), the best moment for me was because of having to bow out of a camping excursion to go to the Firefly Reunion Panel. A woman was asking a question and Nathan had the two friends she referenced stand up. She introduced them to the show and he asked if they would do the same, and they said yes. And then, Nathan choked up. He said the only reason he was at Comic-Con ten years after the show ended was because of people like them (and like us), who kept spreading the word and more and more people loving Firefly. You could really see just how much it meant to him. I had a lot of good shots of the panel and unfortunately, my camera was lost at the Convention Center afterwards in the later afternoon. I hope someone turns it in.

Thanks again to B!x who directed me to Nate on Twitter who had an extra ticket for Joss/Nathan.
I know i'm a bit late for this but... The saturday morning panel was absolutely amazing. So much fun. I also got to ask Nathan a question and was able to get one of his cards.

I was able to take some pictures of the panel (the quality is not that good, because I was on 2nd row to the right, so not a great angle) and can be found here San Diego and Comic Con by Synbios

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