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"Sorry Agent Ballard, you don't get the girl."
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July 16 2012

"Give Me Something To Sing About" - an interpretation. 'Once More With Feeling' like you never seen it before. It's a wonderful effort.

Sorry but I'm completely distracted by the braless boobs and the hole in the crotch of the sweatpants.
CrystalSC I wish I hadn't read your comment before I watched this lol!
Hahaha, I can't say I ever expected that. And CrystalSC -- it can't be unseen now!
OMG that was...disturbing? LOL--I loved it!

Also, from the same person, THIS, might be the greatest youtube video I've ever seen.
I can't decide if that was awesome or awful. I think kind of both. Glad I watched it.
@alexreager, it amazes me what some people have the balls to post on YouTube.
When the Spike hand swooped in to save the Buffy hand, I almost cried a little.
I didn't see any reports on this, does anyone know if they had a showing/sing-along of Once More with Feeling at the end of Comic-Con?

I recall a few years ago it was a hard ticket to attend.
I loved this. Ha ha ha.
Hee! That was seriously disturbing in a way that made me laugh loudly! Loved the part near the end when BuffyHand did the crazy dance and slid on her knuckle/knees before SpikeHand appeared to stop BuffyHand from burning, although I was slightly confused at SpikeHands outfit, for a minute there I thought SpikeHand had 3 legs and 1 arm but it still made me laugh.
Hahahha. I like this. I love the flashdance video even more though!
50 points for creativity goes to Buffy Jackson from Brazil. I bet this girl would love to attend at one of those crazy OMWF sing-a-long events if she could afford it.

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