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July 16 2012

(SPOILER) Fringe cast teases final season:thanks Firefly for getting closure. A nice shout-out to Firefly at TVLine.

The series will end on its own terms, which John Noble suspects is due to the adventures of Captain Mal Reynolds.

You know they are probably right, I mean Fox let 'Dollhouse' have a head's up, so that Joss could give that story some kind of ending before they closed it down (unlike Firefly when they cancelled and shut down the show all in mid-filming). It makes sense to let a popular show like 'Fringe' get a finish, I'm sure they sell more DVDs (which probably pay for the cost of production... eventually).
I will miss this show a lot when it is over. It got off to a slow start but became some of the best tv on. They should all have been nominated for Emmys season after season.
One of the reasons Fox renewed Fringe for a last season was to push the episode count past the number needed for syndication. The show is costing Fox a lot of money, but it can make some off syndication.
Fox doesn't make any money from syndication. What probably happened is WB lowered the license fee to a ridiculously low number in order to encourage Fox to keep it for 13 more eps so that they could make the syndication money (thanks again to Science Channel). And it doesn't hurt that the Fox execs (Kevin Reilly mostly) love the show so much.

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