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July 16 2012

More details about Nancy Holder's "Buffy: The Making of a Vampire Slayer" book. The "first authorized, fully illustrated retrospective" includes an envelope of spells and prophecies used on the show.

Squ...eeeEEE!!! Want,copy, now. I can't wait to see the envelope of spells and prophecies!
If I ordered this one from Amazon UK, is it actually the same thing? Different publishers make me think we might be getting left out. Hmm.
Holy geez I need this!
Jaymii, I was thinking the same. I will wait for clarification before I order, but of course I need this...
Jaymii and OldSwede - It's not uncommon for a book to have different publishers in the US and UK even though they have the same content. That said, it's certainly possible the 2 editions have different content in this case.
Oh my goodness that looks awesome!
Looks tasty indeed :)
I guess I mightbe getting atleast one more physical Buffy book. This looks awesome.
I just discovered that I could get it a lot cheaper, shipping included, on than I hope not too many Europeans miss this.

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