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July 16 2012

The Slate's Seth Stevenson finally found his Comic-Con a Buffy panel. He seemed to really hate the show until he found the best fans in the 'Verse.

Ah James, he can melt even the hardest non-fanboy heart!
David Boreanaz → Eliza Dushku (Buffy/Angel) → Enver Gjokai (Dollhouse) → Community → Andy Dick. Dick guested as a drug-induced hallucination who made Chevy Chase do horrible things.

But yeah, while it's nice to this guy won over it seems sort of like a strawman kind of argument?

He doesn't care for things he doesn't care about and implicitly judged the people who do. (I mean I don't care for Silent Hill as a game but it seems like it's prominent enough for people to at least be aware of it.) I mean he came off still vaguely defensive about even enjoying Buffy.

Then there's also the matter that he drops into a conversation with people and expects them to give up their life motivations within four hours of meeting. Maybe some of them actually were family or romantic prospects? And what people dwell on their jobs while on vacation?

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Did we read the same article? He never said he hated the show. He said he liked it, and talked a bit about the panel, but not how he met awesome fans and changed his mind about anything.
"imagining Ron Perlman as a lantern-jawed woman named Pearl Ronman; proposing a Star Wars"

Honestly he made the line sound like fun!
From all reports it seems the 20 years of Buffy panel was great.
I'm hoping there will be a video.
He didn't hate the show, he just seems to hate geeks.
Oh yeah, I wasn't complaining about his attitude toward Buffy in particular, just in general.

"I actually liked the Buffy TV show. (What? My ex-girlfriend watched it, it was on all the time in our apartment. Anyway, it was good! Don't make me get all fanboy defensive! Whedon forever!)"

To me that sort of read vaguely sarcastic at the end even if I guess he did legitimately mean it. But that did still sound sort of defensive. Rather than taking it for granted that Buffy was seminal TV, like most fans and TV critics seem to, it seemed like he was still couldn't get over the name and had to pass off "oh, I only got into watching it because of a girl, amIrite?" As opposed to it having sufficient merits unto itself to belong at a Jane Austen/Newsradio/90s hiphop convention.

But I mean that attitude where he would be willing to embrace Buffy yet he wrote off everything else sight unseen-- even if there might be a chance that some of those other things have passionate audiences. (Granted yeah of his gruel list I think I've only heard optimistic things about Fringe.)

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