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July 16 2012

Joss Whedon talks Buffy Season 9, Firefly, The Avengers and more. It's a jam-packed video interview from Comic-Con courtesy of G4 TV.

Great interview.Teases that new Buffy miniseries again.
I still haven't read Sugarshock.
It's Joss' two minute punk song. I love Sugarshock.
At the end of the day? Sugarshock! LOL
Jeez, Joss. Don't make me have to go resurrect Sugarshock Fans. (Yes, it still exists on MySpace, which, yes, also still exists.)
He said this past weekend that he is not much of a go back guy yet he would d o Firefly again in a heartbeat. I hope that means that given the chance to do Goners, he would not put that in the category of stories already told.
And of course MySpace still exists. I just updated t h e CSTS page for all the spammers who read it.
Ok that was pretty funny. Legs. Can't believe it took me 5 years to read it. Legs. The art was gorgeous and I love that the main character was asian. Legs. Wasn't the "glow stick of destiny" line also used in Avengers?

Yes, I believe "glow stick of destiny" was used, but if you watch closely, so was "Fatal Stab! 'Death Gurgle'"

Joss is never afraid to reuse what works.
I think the distinction between Firefly and Goners, in terms of the "going back" issue, is that one is a story he got to tell part of, and so actually became alive. Goners has never been anything but a script, and so until and unless he decides it's a burning issue for him again, there might not be anything compelling to him about trying again to bring it to life.

But like you say. I continue unreasonably to believe in Mia, although the world has forgotten about her.
Here's another Joss' interview (video and transcript)

I had to giggle at "What Nathan is doing for me can't be filmed"
I believe Goners is tied up in rights issues. That said, Universal should just make the bloody thing.

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The thing on Goners is I remain convinced (as I think was linked here once) that it's about to enter a two-year period in which, under WGA contract provisions, Joss could try to buy it back. But I've never actually been able to confirm that. Not do I have any earthly idea if Joss would even be interested in trying to do so.

Given the entire "going back" discussion, I'd tend to think he'd figure that time, energy, and resources might be better spent on new ideas he owns outright. Since they're, you know, new.

He's free to prove me wrong. ;)

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Speaking of Sugarshock, was that ever available for purchase as a pysical book? I vaguely remember it being part of some other book or something?

edit: Of course I found it mere seconds after posting the question ... (it's in "MySpace Dark Horse Presents, Volume 1")

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It also came out as a one-shot.
I don't feel ready to give up on Goners just yet. But even if Joss doesn't feel like directing it, if he somehow gets the rights back, what's to stop him from giving the script to someone else to direct, like he did with In Your Eyes?

And speaking of past written-but-never-made projects, The Serving Girl seems completely forgotten, sadly.
Sugarshock! I still want a sequel.

Also, like everyone else said, I still want to see Goners.
Sharing in the Sugarshock love!

The One True b!X, I found your blog on Goners and send my thanks. Curious to know what Joss's perspective on the possibility of human connection would have been and if he will take this theme on again in future projects.

Is the new mini idea for the Buffy comics for season 9 or 10? Or is it for Angel & Faith?

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