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July 17 2012

A Comic-Con minute with Joss Whedon. MTV has a quick chat with Joss. If you're still holding out for a director's cut of The Avengers getting released in the cinema, then prepare to be disappointed.

Really no need for that when you did it right the first time.
There is always a need for more Whedon-y goodness.
What would be kinda awesome, IMO, would be if the DVD was put together with a "view in context 'mode'" for playback of the deleted scenes. It's not a director's cut! It's just all the scenes that were finished in the order that Joss originally was going to use them in the film! Totally different thing!
Oh gosh, if horses were wishes....
...then we'd all be staking eat?
Disappointing that people are against a Directors cut and it's not happening. Only way this movie becomes number 2 of all time is with a rerelease.
Not to get technical, but I'd someone is against a director's cut of Avengers, they are against the movie that was already released. ;)

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I'd agree B!x. A director's cut is a fun marketing gimmick but the usual flavor of one is when the director and the studio wanted something completely different. Joss doesn't seem to make any indication that's the case.

When the director's cut is an excuse to shoehorn in scenes that were edited out for time reasons, they usually suck.
I do believe that we saw the director's cut in the theaters, and I don't need to see the deleted scenes on the big screen.... I just need to see them.
No minute-Joss for us, non-Americans! Le sigh.

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