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July 17 2012

Work on Wastelanders officially begins! As tweeted by Warren Ellis: "Day One of WASTELANDERS hit-story-with-hammers session over with."

So Joss meant it when he said he was going straight from Comic-Con to London. Let the fun begin!

Yes. He posted this, also. (He's intermittently Instagram'd really vague notes for the project over the past several weeks.)
Oooh nice, I missed that. Love that the notes cut off at JUST the right moments. Emergence of... machines? M-what?!

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Emergence of MmmmCookies
Emerge of Malclom, Moloc! I knew I robot, you Jane wasn't just a one off thing!

I've been throwing up all day 'cos of some strange stomach flu but from now on it's all ooze of joy. I'm so waiting for this project. I just love it when Joss goes dark. I hope the internet isn't gonna blow up because of this. Or be taken over by a demon. I really have to watch that ep.
Yes! Exciting!

Joss did mention in his panel that he was going to start working on it immediately after ComicCon! :D
Yayyyy! I can't decide whether to be more excited about this or MAAN. But I am thrilled about both--and so happy that Joss is doing something (relatively) small and independent and different from anything he's done before. I love the title, and I can't wait to see what happens when Mr. Whedon goes post-apocalyptic. And if he can just throw in some sneaky T.S. Eliot references, my world will be complete. :-)
Yes, let the next generation of Joss begin! (I see each Comic-Con as a fresh year of projects)
I am beyond excited for this project.
Also in Warren Ellis' newsletter Machine Vision that came out last week mentions, he is behind on something and that the people who are supposed to be reading it are busy with Browncoats in Comic-Con. So in other words, Joss & the project being Wastelanders. Apparently, Ellis was re-writing the character arcs in the pitch document, so still very early on but work is being done.
The pitch document was something different, at least as I read the sequence: "...I was also kind of supposed to be writing that thing [a reference to Wastelanders], and also a novel, and also rewriting a pitch document's character arcs, and a few other things too..."
Oh, Warren. You're not going to get a job at the CIA.

One thing I liked about Dr Horrible is nobody knowing anything before it shot, and then nobody knowing anything as it shot, and then the trailer giving almost nothing away. I hope Wastelanders does the same.
Happy! More content! Can't wait!
I adore Warren Ellis' FreakAngels. I can't wait to see what he and Joss can come up with.
Bix is right, I didn't read Warren's long trailing sentences closely enough.

Gossi, with the success of media attention that Much Do About Nothing got after it came out of nowhere, I would be surprised if the majority of information about Wasterlanders is kept a secret until just before it launches.

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