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July 17 2012

For $1,000 Captain Tight Pants will rock your world! A kiss for charity goes out of control when Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin join in the fun!

It looks like Adam was getting into it!

Cute. Gotta love those guys.
Nathan also gave a woman a kiss and a signed Tshirt for $1000 on Sunday. He did another nerdhq panel (there was a cancellation?) and he was auctioning things. She got a little bit of dancing, and I believe 2 kisses. :) It's at the nerdhq website where their live streams are.
Love stuff like this. So funny and cool.
let's how much pocket money i have....umm! oh! no fresh out can i do an i.o.u.? lol
That made me grin like a loon.
But wow, I can't imagine having $1000 to drop for a celebrity kiss...Wish I were in that kind of situation.

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