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July 18 2012

"Spike: the Complete Series" is out today. The story takes place after "Angel: After the Fall" and before "Buffy Season 8."

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I'm torn. Anyone got an opinion on this series that will make up my mind?

It's canon(ish) so for me it's mandatory. But it's one of the less good Buffy/Angel series. Some continuity errors and what I consider OOC behaviour(comes down to interpretation).

But there's good writing in it too.
Eh, it is worse written than S9. Nowhere close in quality or humor of After the Fall, but it gives you an outline on 'How Spike got the (penis) Ship', sort of. I have all the paperbacks - and the best IMHO feature of these is their covers by Jenny Frison - remember the one we discussed once that featured Fanged Four as a happy family - Angel with a pipe and newspaper, Darla as a happy mom and Spike&Dru as 'kids'?
Yeah, the covers are amazing, and the story has some interesting Drusilla characters bits...But mostly nothing in it really grabbed me or made me think of the characters in any new way. It was a relief to finally see where the bugs came from though! Kind of...?

I'd say it's worth reading if you are knee deep in the Buffy comics world.
I didn't really enjoy this to be honest - I think Brian Lynch had to change a lot since this got advertised as a continuing series and then it was announced that it could only be eight issues as the Angel franchise was being taken away from IDW.

There are some mythology elements which didn't sit well with me. Don't want to state them here because some of the people commenting are asking if they should read. I'm not a Drusilla or Spike fan, so I'm probably not the best judge when it comes to a series involving both of these characters. Thought Willow's actions were quite out of character too.

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Oh, I forgot this is the one that explains the bugs. I think I need that. Thanks everyone!
I enjoyed this series. I'm not saying it didn't have it's problems, but the story got stronger as it went on, and I really enjoyed the Willow/Spike interaction. It was a nice goodbye to some enjoyable original characters, Beck, Jeremy and Betta George, who we will probably never see again - and the great Mosaic Institute, which will also vanish as if it never existed. The final issue was really great writing for Spike and a good intro for the spaceship and bugs. A worthwhile read, all in all.
I miss Betta George!
I enjoyed this very much. I love Lynch's humor, to me it's the closest any comic writer has gotten so far to Joss when it comes to making me laugh.

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