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July 18 2012

Premiere episode of Geek & Sundry's new show "Written by a kid" is online. Joss Whedon himself guest stars in the episode titled "Scary Smash". You can find behind-the-scene videos: Animation, Costumes and Casting.

Updated with links for behind the scenes videos, thanks wasabi17.

They showed this at Comic-Con and my face hurt from laughing afterward.
Joss as Gerald, the leader of a S.Q.U.A.T. team. This is great.
Behind the scenes videos here and here
And a casting video coming soon!

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That was fantastic. I think this will be a fun series.
Periodically I asked myself "why is he squatting?" and then answered myself, "Oh, DUH!"

100% win.
This is the funniest thing I've seen in forever. I loved them demonstrating how Gerald was fun. And the milk pouring into the ocean. And showering for seven hours to get rid of the fire.
That is superb.
Someone needs to make a gif of Joss' eyes moving back and forth when the monster shoots fire at him.

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This Joss Whedon fella has some tremendous acting talent. I predict he'll go far.

(And it is Felicia! Plus Maurissa got special thanks!)
I was also slow to the "why is everyone walking like a crab?" epiphany. But then, ohhhh right. This series is going to be far too clever for me I can already tell.
Anyone else want some "Gerald: Agent of S.Q.U.A.T." comics like, right now?
Just noticed that Felicia is one of the S.Q.U.A.T. team members as well.
This is going to spawn all manner of awesomeness! I can just picture the Agents of S.Q.U.A.T. fitting into the Dr Horrible-'verse perfectly.
HAHAHA. I LOVE this. This internets thing is going to catch on, I tells ya!
Saw this last Saturday. Seeing Joss lead the SQUAT team makes it a classic on the spot. Maybe he'll play a cop in the next Avengers movie...or anywhere
Oh man, this is so perfect. Did everyone watch the making the costumes video? Because she took plain clothes and drew on the knee pads and holsters and all the details (so awesome, now I want to make all my costumes in exactly that way!).

I have to say that this is a huge move forward in Joss' acting career. I mean he was great as the Bowel Movement Coach, but Gerald the Head of the SQUAT Team is really nuanced and layered.
This was great! I've been waiting for this since Felicia premiered the Geek and Sundry channel, and I was not disappointed :) I can only imagine what this will do for the future of filmmakers, writers, etc. To get this chance to tell a story and have the world see it at such a young age can only encourage more kids to do these creative things. I just hope the parents of all these kids allow them to explore their creativity :) Yay internets!

Joss needs to be in front of the camera a lot more :) He's so expressive. Hopefully someone will call Nathan next. Kim and Felicia know everyone, so I think we'll have a good line-up for these!
This is going down a storm on Twitter. And another reason to love Tumblr - Link:.
This is brilliant! I already loved The Guild, Tabletop, and the Flog, but this might be the moment when I officially prefer the Geek & Sundry channel to every major "real" television network.
This may be my favorite youtube video ever. For now.
So delightful! (But, my knees began to ache when I heard that they had spent so much time squatting.)

Now I can't help but picture Joss as a little boy weaving his intricate stories. :)
This is definitely a show to watch at full quality: so much visual detail!
This was so many levels of awesome! Best thing I've seen all day. :)
This was even better than I expected. Joss was terrific and the story was very funny. Great job all!
Joss is just looking so well-groomed and svelte these days! Directing a billion-dollar movie clearly does wonders for your figure and complexion.
That... was kind of amazing!
Forget that Joss guy- Brett the kid is going places!

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