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July 18 2012

A picture of Joss working on Wastelanders. Or as Warren Ellis titled it "Rare Image of Me Making Joss Whedon Work".

Ellis has also been tweeting some more about working on Wastelanders:

Taking a break from solving Fourth Act Ov Insolvable Doom. Hello to Jessica who met Joss & I in the street while we were pacing in woe.

Fourth act solved. Now we drink, for tomorrow we must write shit down etc

I doubt Warren will share any story details, but I imagine he will continue to share these little snippets while working on it.

The One True b!X beat me to it! I was also gonna say that even on non-public appearance day, the same shirt returns!
Aha how I have missed that shirt since last year's Con and all the on set Avengers photos! Also, it's rather extraordinary that we as a fanbase keep track of even the shirts he wears...
that shirt must bring him lots of luck
You can get away with calling Joss "Joss," but I wouldn't recommend calling Warren Ellis "Warren." Ever!
I am now imagining that Joss has multiples of that shirt. Perhaps a whole closet full of them.
Or that shirt has a closet full of multiple Josses.
Funny that my first reaction was to the shirt, too. We're crazy when the first 8 commenters mention a shirt.
I am unreasonably excited by this picture.
Well, after those comments I think you can guess what I planned to remark on in this photo..
Shall I mention his beard status to make us look less crazy?
LOL at alexander_b!

I actually got to meet Warren Ellis at a bar in Toronto where he was giving a talk before appearing the next day at comic convention. I went up to him and talked to him very briefly, simply thanking him for making such incredible stories. I think I said "Hi Warren!" as I introduced myself and he didn't even beat me with that massive walking stick he had with him but was quite nice and very friendly. While not living up to his angry old man image, he did have a glass full of whisky paid for by the group organizing the night's event. :)
What a lovely location to be working on a story. Hope Joss can take an evening off and see some theatre.
I'm going to start having nightmares about that shirt, I just know it.

Also, yay Wastelanders! Curious how it'll shake out as a story.
But is he actually working? It could be that Joss is working up the courage to touch the computer. The picture made me think of a Giles quote:
"Things involving the computer fill me with a childlike terror. Now, if it were a nice ogre or some such, I'd be more in my element."
I also wondered how many of those shirts he has. Almost makes me want to buy one, but it would surely not suit me.
I'm thinking it's not a shirt but his actual skin.
Nice woodwork, like the painting too. And the Joss, love the Joss.
I seem to recall a story where an article of clothing imbued the wearer with...unusual powers.

("Daddy like")
No speculation as to what's on that screen?
Now I want a movie/show about the origins of this shirt, its powers and its struggle to survive.


@jcs PORN!

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First reaction -- the shirt!

Then, he needs more shirts.

Finally, cool Joss working.
Zoom in and enhance! No, wait, it's just a regular VCR.
I'm suddenly feeling the need for a portrait-orientable monitor, just so I can use this as wallpaper.
Oh my gosh. I met Joss and Warren Ellis today, and now there's a tweet about it! I feel like I should say "hello!" back to Warren Ellis! Bumping into him and Joss was one of the most wonderful and surreal moments I've ever had. They were both as friendly as anyone can be, even though I must have been fan-flailing.
I wish I could have said something witty, have apologised to Joss about the weather, have asked him a fan question I've always wanted to ask, like whether the indirect-sunlight-vampire-rule means that on overcast days England is screwed. But at least I got to tell Joss how much his work meant to me.

Bring on Wastelanders!

And I have to admit it, I noticed the shirt before I noticed Joss.
Bluelark, this tickled me. Fun!
My, Joss really likes that t-shirt...
It's his "working" shirt obviously.
lol. Hello Jessica.
You know, my first thoughts were a bit different:

First was, wow, that rooms really cliched in it's Englishness!

Second was, Joss is a Mac user! (I'm not, but I'd like to be)

I like the casual, modern-look of Joss and his Mac against the formality of the surroundings.
It's his muse, just a bit shirty.
He doesn't look like he is working very hard.... except (as everyone else has already said) he IS wearing his lucky hard working shirt. That looks more like a room for visiting than working hard.

BTW I never did order that shirt (they ran out of them when I tried to buy one), did anyone get their own Famous Joss Director T-shirt?
I hope he at least washes it occasionally...
I was going to mention the shirt.

But did anyone else notice that Joss was wearing

(wait for it....)

the HAIR! I'm certain I've seen that hair before. That ear looks familiar, too.
(I'm basically trying to say that I believe that the shirt is an extension of his body. He occasionally covers it with other articles of clothing.)
Did Joss ever wear hawaiian shirts on the set of Buffy? For some reason I thought he did but I can't find any photographic evidence of this. I always believed the costuming dept were deliberately dressing up Xander and Wash like Joss.

And this is the best photo of Joss in his 2nd skin. click

In unrelated creepy yet interesting shirt news, I've never seen this picture of Joss before. click Don't know how I missed it during Avengerpalooza.
I had the identical shirt but I gave it to a friend who was going to see Joss at a party at Comic Con. I need to order another one. BTW: it's available at Urban Outfitters.
The shirt's part of an ongoing experiment to see if we'll comment on it, obviously.

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