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July 18 2012

(SPOILER) Angel & Faith #12 preview. Three-page preview on the Dark Horse website.

The previews look great.Been waiting for something along the last page with Whistler re-entering the story.
OK, I haven't seen that you have also posted it.
It was kind of obvious that thieves would have entered in the house, from the way that the aunts left it last month. Of course Whistler's appearance wasn't so obvious, on the other hand.
I really need to start thinking of new ways to praise Christos and Rebekah...

Once I think of it, I'll post it here.

In the meantime... They kick ass, once again! And both SO sweet.
Seriously, this comic kicks so much butt. I don't know how it continuously surprises and excites me. I have a feeling this arc is going to be the best arc in Buffy comics, period.
Well, this would be a case of me being mildly curious as to whether Vinny and Sophie will survive the encounter. On one hand, I don't give a fig about their well-being, on another, it would be such a waste of new characters... Whistler's dressed as awful as ever, and he is packing Giles' priceless artifacts into trash-bags. Way to go kiddo. He has gone far and away from that 'Dog me' introductory line - and I feel incredibly sad for yet another funny and ambivalent but extremely appealing character being thrown under 'let turn 'em all eeeevil bus. Whistler going the way of Skip. Buggeration.
Dorotea, to be fair, I never thought of Whistler as a purely good guy. He always seemed suspicious to me. If anything, this makes his character so much more interesting and developed. Cant wait for the Whistler issue :)
If to be 'interesting and developed' a character needs to go all the way black-hat evil, then I am kind of at a loss why bother with any other development at all. I understand ambivalence and 'balance' parts - what I don't get is the need of bwa-ha-ha mustache twirling.
I think we should wait until that Whistler issue comes out before we both make judgements, but I personally think it fits into Whistler's description of "balancing good and evil."
I want to read this issue NOW! This series is simply flawless. The artwork, the writitng...I mean not only is Angel and Faith by FAR the most successful of the comics to actually make one feel like "watching" the tv-show (e.g. the superb characterization: Faith's fragile state of mind as depicted in "Daddy Issues" being a prime example), but it's also (at least so far) one of the best continuing comic series I've ever read. Unless they really BEEP things up during the second half of the run, this could definitely end up as one of my all time favorite comic book narratives.
"Waiting thirty years to shag Morrissey"? Seriously?
Having once been in a queue with his fans for three hours, I can well believe it.

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