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July 19 2012

More details about the "Bonus View Mode" on The Cabin in the Woods Blu-ray. The BBFC website has a list of them plus the lengths of all the extras on the disc.

Sounding good to me. Half hour making of and two effects docu's along with another half hour featurette, plus commentary... Not going to lack for content.
Is that the whole Q&A with 27minutes? Or is there a web version that's longer by any chance?

Btw, I did some digging to find working links to the other Q&A sessions for Cabin in the Woods from March/April (previously only posted as either text summaries or now-defunct livestreams):

SXSW Q&A video (16:26min):

Hitfix' The Cabin in the Woods: EPIX Live Q&A video (27:42min)
I'm actually more excited to get my CitW DVD than the one for Avengers, just because so much was happening in CitW and I just felt that it was impossible to really see it all!
I can't wait.
Is it going to be just blu-ray or will there be a DVD copy thrown in there as well? Want the Blu-Ray but don't have my own player yet...
@daylight: So far it doesn't look like a DVD/BR combo pack is coming. The US version has a digital copy included with each set but the amazon UK listing mentions neither.
D-e-f-, thanks for the link to the EPIX Live Q&A, that is a wonderful interview and actually answers questions that Joss and Drew didn't cover in the CitW companion book. Now I'll watch the SXSW Q&A (fun!).
I still can't watch them for another 2 months *sigh* ...

Glad someone else already found use for them, though! :P
Added to my watch list too. Appreciated.

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