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July 19 2012

Christina Hendricks and Danny Strong get nominated for The Emmys. Christina (Mad Men) got nominated for "Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series" and Danny Strong (Game Change) got nominated for "Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Dramatic Special".

Is it silly that I'm so proud of both of them? I'm happy I've met them, can feel that 'Whedony' connection, and I can enjoy their success (I hope they both win!).
There may be more Whedonverse individuals nominated but I didn't spot any.
I still haven't had a chance to see Game Change, but I really want to. I hope it is available on dvd soon.

I hope both of them win.
I am so bummed that Once Upon A Time got zero nominations. That is seriously a crime. Lana Parilla and Robert Carlyle were absolutely fantastic. I guess the industry still has a bias on fantasy type shows. Oh wait, Game of Thrones got nods...... -_-
Michael Pitt should have been nominated. He did an amazing job in the second season of Boardwalk Empire.

And i don't understand all the love for some UK shows. Downtown Abbey is an average period drama nowhere near as good as Mad Men or Boardwalk Empire. Luther is an awful cop show. It's miles behind other crime dramas like Justified or Southland or even The Killing.
Sarah Paulson (the doctor in the hologram in "Serenity") is nominated for Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie for "Game Change." Also, Danny Strong is one of the "Game Change" producers, as well as its writer, and it seems like "Game Change" was nominated for everything it could possibly be nominated for, so massive congratulations to him.
Game Change was brilliant. I'm glad Woody Harrelson got nominated, his acting was(actually almost always) phenomenal. Congrats to Danny and Christina.
Tim Minear didn't specifically get an Emmy nomination, but his show American Horror Story got a whopping 17 of 'em.

He helped shape the show, and no doubt helped create in many of the areas that did get a nomination, so I've gotta count it, at least in my own head...

Of course, in my own head, Firefly got five seasons, along with Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies, Freaks and Geeks, Drive, Veronica Mars, Life, New Amsterdam, Andy Barker, P.I., Dollhouse, and Dead Like Me, so take that for what it's worth...
Game Change was really good, very proud of Danny Strong for having so much success as a screenwriter...who knew when we first saw him on Buffy that he was so multi-talented? Glad to see Julianne Moore also nominated for her take on Sarah Palin - she killed it in that movie.
Downton Abbey's okay for a (not as good) Upstairs Downstairs clone.
Glad for both of them. But it was criminal that Vincent Kartheiser didn't get a nomination for his role in Mad Men. Pete Campbell is the guy you love to hate!

(Downton Abbey appeals to those raised on Masterpiece Theater: If the actors have English accents & traipse about excessively large houses in period dress--it must be intellectual! Series 1 was an amusing posh soap opera but Series 2 failed to integrate That Nasty War effectively. Upstairs/Downstairs did that much better, all those years ago. My favorite recent UK export: Sherlock--with 13 nominations!)

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