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"Better clench up, Legolas."
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July 19 2012

Geeking out about storytelling with Joss Whedon. Comic-Con interview with Joss focusing on storytelling in comics, TV, and movies.

Interesting interview about Joss's insights on the comics and other media.
Does anyone know what "scene he wrote twice" he's referring to?
^I was wondering that too. But then it's probably one of those things you only really see if you actually wrote the thing. It's like I once wrote an opening chapter to a book when inspiration struck, loved it to bits, and didn't realize until several months later that it borrowed very heavily from the first Dollhouse comic book. Even though, if you read it, you might not see that, I still know.
It's probably hard to spot unless you comb through the whole series again looking for it. I'm guessing it was a scene that is not verbatim the same but "says" the same thing about a certain character relationship/issue.
Add it to your list of questions to ask Joss if you meet him (and are physically capable of speech), just after "Which way would you wear YOUR browncoat patch, star point up, or star point down?"

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