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July 19 2012

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 9 #12 preview. Three-page preview over at Comic Book Resources.

I'm surprised we're getting the preview pages to this so close to the Angel 7 Faith # 12 preview.Than again,the Angel & Faith # 12 preview pages were released later due to Comic Con.
I'm super excited to see how this season is heading back into the right direction.

As good as this season is, I wasn't too crazy about that last arc, so this definitely looks promising!!! :D
Yeah, this preview seems great. I'm really loving the Andrew Chambliss portion of Season 9. Can't wait to read the issue :D
I like Phil Noto's cover art. It has a Rothko feel to it (see Guggenheim collection).
"who do you want to call?"

I thought they were never going to use that phrase again.

Spike's boldly going where no vampire has gone before"

Well...I'll come back to the Buffy comic when Spike comes back. In the meantime, I wish Buffy all sorts of good luck! :-D

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