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July 19 2012

Morena Baccarin's SDCC address to cast and fans. Morena Baccarin filmed a short video for the Firefly SDCC panel from the set of Homeland (which unfortunately wasn't shown!)

This seems to be a private video sharing site. I get this when I try to make a login: FlipShare is for private video sharing.
We're sorry, no videos were shared with you at this email address.
Sorry, should be working now! :)
It says the content has been removed. :(
Sorry about all that, link is officially working

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'tis fine now.
Huh, I didn't know that Morena and Jewel were close enough that they continue to hang out off set. I thought that their on-screen relationship was rather sweet too, so it's neat seeing it apparently crosses over.

Also I didn't actually know the original plan was for Inara to be Russian? Was that a decision he wanted the original Inara to have? Was it sort of a whim?
I think the Russian version of the scene was either just Joss pulling her chain or testing to see how she'd handle it. I never heard that he'd thought of making Inara Russian, but who knows for sure.
Such a shame it wasn't shown.
I seem to remember Summer also said she was asked to audition as a Russian for Angel at one point. So it might be some running joke/obsession of Joss's :)
And orangewaxlion, apparently Jewel and Morena have been pretty close all this time, I think Morena was Jewel's bridesmaid even (?) And they're always mocking each other on Twitter))
lurkolog , Glau had to audition as a Russian because she played a Russian.
Yes lurkalog, Glau played a Russian Ballerina in the Angel episode "Waiting in the Wings", from season three.

Great video from Morena. I wish they'd played it at Comic-con, too - especially for Nathan's benefit.
aaaand she comes through at the end :D

I kept waiting for either subtle or not-so-subtle jabs at Nathan :)

@orangewaxlion, you should really check out this Dragon Con panel from 2010 where Nathan prank calls them on stage ... tells you a lot about their relationships :)


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Oops)) I meant to say that she wasn't prepared to do that, just was asked randomly during her audition and had to improvise. Or I might have mixed her up with Morena, if she ever told this story before. Never mind))
I'm pretty sure the Jewel thing was a joke. If she were there, she would've appeared in the video too. Morena and Jewel's sniping on Twitter is one of my favorite things though.
@hacksaway - I dunno, that little "hi" from behind the camera sounded exactly like Jewel to me.

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