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July 20 2012

The very first scholarly article on Joss Whedon has been found. Titled "Educating Buffy:The Role of Education in Buffy the Vampire-Slayer (TV)", this essay dates back to 1998.

Does anyone remember the documentary style newspaper clip opening of the first episode? I haven't seen it. I wonder why it was left off the vhs and dvd version of the episode and if it is available anywhere.

Interesting read. I wonder if Michael Betancourt would make the same statements about the show (specifically about sex and feminism) after the series was complete.
I had the same question, but it was surely fun to read this.
LadyJay, it wasn't actually part of the episode. It was a stylized commercial that promoted the series, and as far as I can recall, it did not proceed the original broadcast, at least not on the Detroit WB affiliate. I do recall it proceeding The WB's Sunday night reruns, though. You can easily find it on YouTube.
Also, contrary to this article, the main titles did not follow the opening scene, at least not on the initial broadcast: the teaser and first act aired as one segment, ending with the main titles and followed by the first commercial break. (This set-up is very common with the first broadcast of pilots. Reruns, of course, have the additional commercial break.)
This is so cool. I was just discussing the role of BtVS in academia.
Thanks, Invisible Green. I thought he was saying the scene was originally a part of the episode. And I was confused about why they would take out one scene in all subsequent broadcasts and recordings. It makes much more sense now.
I had never seen that teaser before. Thanks, Invisible Green.
Strangely, it dates back to 1523 B.C. :)
thanks for sharing. i haven't seen that promo before. very interesting.
has anyone seen the un-aired pilot? i remember i spent 8 hours downloading it on our dial-up connection lol

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