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July 20 2012

Watch GeekNation's video of the 'Buffy Turns 20' panel at Comic-Con. Listening to the crowd react to the tribute video is pretty cool.

I was there, and it was EPIC. It was nice being surrounded by thousands of Buffy fans. :D
Why does it have to be the DivX web player? That thing never works for me.

ETA: Oh, wait, upgrading finally took. Seems to be working now.

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I can't get this to play, is it available at youtube or anything?
I wanna download this video.
Last I checked, only the first few minutes are on Geeknation's YouTube channel. They do say the following:

If you have problems viewing the video on our website, try switching browsers. We're currently having an incompatibility issue with Internet Explorer. Switch to Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. If your problem is different contact us:

I've put up a vid of the panel that has most of James' stuff, and a little bit of Nick's stuff, including the Snoopy dance:

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The video works on Chrome and it's awesome. I love everyone on that panel but I was really really pleased to hear what Jane had to say.

Buffy has changed how I watch television. I now follow writer/creators to their respective projects more then actors. I don't get to everything but now my list of tv to dos is huge and awesome.

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I couldn't watch it until I switched to Mozilla Firefox. Totally worth a look.
And then James had to rub salt in the still gaping wound that is the Angel cancellation when he told the bit about Joss asking if he'd be open to return to do Spike during ADR sessions for the finale... :(

Really great panel! Also, big thanks Georges for calling out the Hollywood lip-service :)
Really enjoyed that, thank you. I believe previously James said the bit/episode/dialogue he liked most during Buffy was "Hello cutie", which is mine as well. But I will take "out.for.a.walk...bitch". Better than that though, was his generous answer as to how Spike changed over the years, being terrified but then realizing he should be grateful that he was asked to be the "fill in" guy because he was challenged as an actor. Then later interjecting he felt that he and Jane were lovers, he and all the writers because of the energy created between them for Spike. Also, that he would go anywhere, anytime to work with Joss.

Would have liked to hear more from Randall Batinkoff, an actor I've enjoyed over the years (no, it has nothing to with my brief crush on him from the TV movie and then short-lived series Christy {{wink}}).
I was also there. Great panel. The energy in the room was fantastic. I'm just sorry I stayed for the OMWF sing-a-long. I had forgotten about the nasty comments and "Shut up Dawn" controversy since I had never gone to one before. My son was also there and it made him ashamed of Buffy fans and really upset. I won't make that mistake again. The panel would have been a great way to end comic-con.
Georges is very personable isn't he? He seems comfortable on the panel. Scott Allie on the other hand looked like he would be more comfortable under the table.
I'm so happy this was posted, even though I had to download a different server to watch it. It was a great celebration, some funny and interesting stuff, loved to see Jane and James together, and Clare Kramer did a fabulous moderating job. She's still gorgeous and just a lot nicer than Glory.
This is the first year that the sing-along wasn't held in Hall H. So the room was almost full. It was a more intimate feeling, and I could hear more people singing, which was nice. Lots of laughter and as usual, Spike got the most cheers. Dawn never fares well there, which doesn't offend me in the least. Not that I yell at her. ;) I'll sing, but I never yell at the screen.
It was amazing how as lousy singers we all sounded amazing in unison. I'm thinking Whedonesquers should meet up ahead of time next year and take up a whole section of the room.
I quite enjoyed this - although I could've done without the fan-squealing and woo-hooing, though I guess it's to be expected.

Is it just my imagination, or have the questions asked at Whedon'verse Comic-Con events gotten qualitatively better? There wasn't *one* that made me squirm & in fact, I found most of 'em pretty interesting. Yay, fandom.

A few more impressions: Clare did a good job of moderating - very laid back, but effective. Jane is always enjoyable, and this panel was no exception. Nick Brendon seems to have calmed down these past few years, and while I've always enjoyed him, I find I appreciated him *much* more than when he was more all over the place - and I liked hearing about his Buffy auditions. Yay, Nick.

(There was something else that struck me about the panel - some new piece of Buffy lore - but It's completely gone out of my head. If I remember, I'll be back...)

I wasn't at Comic-Con, so I really appreciated getting the chance to see this panel. Yay, GeekNation.

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