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July 22 2012

Law & Order: SVU casts Adam Baldwin as Cragen's replacement. Adam Baldwin will be playing Capt. Steven Harris, the interim captain, and is to appear in the first three episodes next season.

I fell out of watching SVU last season, so I don't know why Dann Florek is gone. Might have to check it out this fall for Adam.
I wonder if this is some sort of nod to the actor Steve Harris (most recently on "Awake")?
I think Dann Florek's character got suspended at the end of last season.
Well, the article itself clearly explains the reason for why Adam's Capt. Steven Harris has to take over for Dann Florek's Donald Cragen...
This might just get me back into watching SVU, which I sort of fell out of watching this last season.
I guess it would have been too much if Adam was playing Captain Ethan Slaughter.
Captain Jayne Cobb; now THAT would be interesting! :D
I've never liked SVU, and I prefer Adam Baldwin in roles that allow for a little comedy mixed in (like with Firefly and Chuck). BUT I'm happy to see him on a successful show (I wish he had become a regular on Leverage or Castle instead, but that's just me).
embers- did you see Adam on this the season five premiere of Leverage? Short, but oh so sweet.
I DID see Adam on the Leverage season premiere and it freaked me out... I kept waiting for him to come back on (why have him on for 10 seconds?). LOL

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