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July 22 2012

(SPOILER) SDCC12: Georges Jeanty video interview with Fanboy Comics. Two pieces of news in this 15 minute interview. One of the pieces of news is spoilery.

Good interview. I really liked his explanation about directing the characters. I never thought of it that way but it makes a lot of sense.
When he said he would duplicate some of the actions himself to see if they worked I thought that was great.
Until I thought about spacefrakking. :)
Until I thought about spacefrakking.

I've heard other artists compare comic book art to directing.I can see that.

I'm wondering something now.

During the middle part of season 9,we'll have two miniseries.Spike launching next month and than Willow in November.

At SDCC,Joss announced a third miniseries that he just came up with and Scott Allie was finding out about it right there on the panel.

The Dru miniseries was supposed to have launched around now but was put on hold and the Spike miniseries ended up replacing it.The Willow mini was always in the game plan.

I'm now wondering if when the Spike and Willow miniseries finish,we'll have two more launch right after for the last part of season 9.

Georges believes the Dru miniseries is back on and will launch around the time the monthly books(Buffy and Angel & Faith) are in the 20th issues.

So possibly in the last part of season 9,we'll have the Dru mini and this other miniseries that Joss just came up with?

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That would be cool. I like the minis. I think they're more interesting than the main title atm.
How do you know, when they aren't out yet?
Well anything would be more interesting than the Buffy book right now.
Interesting, considering some people thinking there's been too much ridiculous. I like the main Buffy more than A&F (which is also great). Nice to see so many opinions.
b!X-I meant, I like the minis better, full stop. *g*
How do you know, when they aren't out yet? ;)
b!X-Smarty-pants! Also, LOL!
i hope the dru series does come and wonder what the new spin-off is
hope maybe we get that cabin in the woods comic sometime too

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