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July 23 2012

Chris Hemsworth takes home a Teen Choice Award. He wins for "Choice Summer Movie Star Male".

I was there in person :D he got the most applause in the audience whenever they showed him or said his name. He's such a sweet, humble guy. I'm glad at least one Avengers alum won an award.
One of my favorite things about him is how humble he is. He's always super grateful about everything, and I think it's because he struggled so hard for years to make acting a career, and now he can do it.

I'm glad he won for Choice Summer Movie Star Male. He had Avengers and Snow White and the Huntsman!!!

And I love how he thanked the Avengers cast! :D Can't wait for "Thor: The Dark World"!!!
I hope one day he wins a real award but then I'm still waiting for Pitt to win his.
@eddy, we must be the same person... I've been waiting for years for Pitt to win an Oscar!!!

Hopefully they both will some day. :D
Congratulations to him! Let's not forget he was also in The Cabin in the Woods.

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