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July 24 2012

Happy birthday to Charisma Carpenter! Today our Cordy turns 42 (or yesterday, based on where you're from!)

42 = Meaning of Life = Charisma Carpenter = Mind Blown :O
And here I thought she was still in her 30s, though she still doesn't look a day over 21!!


Happy Birthday to you, Ms. Carpenter!

Happy Birthday, CC!
42? does someone want to tell her face that? I love how all our verse actors seem to defy science! look at Aly!! I'm beginning to believe Joss is some kind of faustian demon...
She's still a great beauty but I doubt Charisma has ever been photographed wihtout make-up (studio or self applied) for over 15 years. So there are things between us and her :-).
Beginning to believe, Jamzro? :)
Whoo, happy birthday to Charisma!
My own Cordelia turns 10 tomorrow. It's a great time to have a birthday!

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