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July 23 2012

Dark Horse's Scott Allie talks Buffy books, possible Firefly comics. There is also a video interview included in there.

Nothing really spoilery but interesting info on Joss's role in season 8 vs. season 9.

Anyone else getting a "Reported attack page!" message when trying to visit this site?
Glad I'm not the only one....was kind of worried about my computer having malware that was doing weird things :S
Hmm,it was working fine for me yesterday when i posted it.

Here's the link to the you tube video interview.

The article has excerpts from this interview but you can watch the whole 5 minute video too.

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Weirdly, Google was again mis-reporting the site as having malware, when the only externally hosted content is Google Ads-- which occasionally are a vector of infection themselves. The site should have been automatically reviewed and cleared by Google by now.

In other words, the site is malware-free. It's "malvertising" that gets injected onto the pages via Google Ads, which unfortunately we have no control over, other than shutting off AdSense entirely. (As an FYI, AdBlock plugin for Firefox is an effective measure, if you're opposed to advertising, which also can protect against potential cross-site scripting exploits.)

But back to Scott Allie-- as it wasn't noted elsewhere, he indicated there would not be any additional Buffyverse titles during Season 9, contrary to rumors you might have heard.
The site is fine. I swear! Also, I don't mean to brag (I sorta do) I was holding the camera for that interview.
Was this interview conducted before or after Joss made his suprise announcement about the additional miniseries? If before, then Scott wouldn't have known about it yet.

I have a hard time picturing Dark Horse vetoing a Buffyverse miniseries that Joss wanted to do.
Yeah, it's not much of a rumor when Joss says he's got a third, he just hadn't told Scott about it yet. It might qualify as an idea that nonetheless doesn't then go forward, but it sure wasn't a rumor.
Considering the lead time it takes to put together a series, I'd imagine that any new ones aren't going to be done as part of the Season 9 timeline. Scott mentioned that they're getting close to wrapping up the final stories for Buffy comic-- which won't be out until next year. Since the Willow and Spike miniseries run 5 issues each, if they haven't planned for another already, there might be a bit much on Dark Horse's plate to integrate and launch another mini before they finish out this season.
interesting interview looking forward to willow and spike and good to hr about more firefly comics coming too even if they are long way off

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