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July 24 2012

'Much Ado About Nothing' to have world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival. The festival runs from September 6th to 16th.

AWESOME. And looks like Hyde Park on Hudson and Anna Karenina (Olivia Williams is in both movies) will be premiering in the film festival too!
That's cool. Can't wait to see it.
Once the TFF site has the info, I'll update the entry.
Great news. Hopefully being at a prestigious festival like Toronto will give it a good chance of finding a distributor.
Looks like 'Argo' is also world premiering at TIFF. So, with 'Argo' & 'Much Ado', it means there will be two world premiere movies at TIFF with Tom Lenk in them. :D
Good news. Alas, living in Spain, i have no illusions on seeing it in the next century or so, so its amovie i allmost dont have on my radar at all.

But at least this is a first step onwards to eventually being able to see it... somehow.

I will be there.
That is fantastic news. We can all say so proud for the gazilliontieth time.
Nice, which hopefully also means most other international movie festivals that follow Toronto will also get it. Crossing my fingers.
This makes me very very happy. :)
This is very exciting, now I'm wondering if I could get tickets to attend (I have a cousin I could stay with...). Well, regardless of my attendance I'm thrilled it will be shown and I hope it finds a distributor!
I'm also contemplating going. It's my birthday week. And I have something else that I am going to Toronto for and if the stars align and all that it could be the same week... so if if if. ;)
Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax starts right in the middle of TIFF. I know it's unlikely, but I'm still gonna cross my fingers that MAAN shows up on its schedule.
Congratulations, TIFF and Joss. Now if we can get it at VIFF (Vancouver) I will be very happy!
I've changed the link to the TIFF site. There's no specific date for the movie yet.
This is so exciting. I hope it's available as a TIFF circuit film, so then it will come here.
Verily, let us pitch woo and also hoo!
Awesome news. As someone who lives in the Toronto area, I hope to see this. I imagine Joss and/or some of the cast might be there for a Q&A afterwards. I only hope there is enough screenings available and it isn't too hard to get tickets, as there are a lot of Joss Whedon fans in Toronto.
I am SO happy to hear about this!!! :D TIFF is legit!

I really hope they find a distributor. They deserve it!

Also, I did not know Tom Lenk is in Argo... Another reason why I'm super excited about that film now!!!
This is really great news.
I want to go to there!
Note anyone who is looking to buy tickets for this and has never attended TIFF before, single tickets go on sale September 2nd. People who buy packages of tickets get access to tickets before that. One thing to make sure is you have a Visa credit card, as that is all that TIFF will accept when tickets first go on sale, because Visa is a big sponsor. That threw me for a loop the first time I bought tickets because all I had was a Mastercard credit card and I had to get a friend with a Visa to buy me tickets.

Also the TIFF website points out that only 30% of their screenings sell out. Even then if the screening does sell out there is always the rush line. Basically line up and then 10 minutes before the screening they check for any empty seats and sell them to people in the rush line. It's very rare that there isn't a few seats available for the rush line. Either people couldn't get to the screening in time, or just the result of buying a large number of tickets that for whatever reason they drop a screening.

[ edited by Matt_Fabb on 2012-07-25 07:21 ]
The schedule goes up Aug. 21st.
And even if you can't get tickets but want to see it, there will very likely be some for the second screening (which often but not always has the director). If you want to see the cast and crew in person instead of seeing the film, head early to the red carpet.
redeem147: Yay!

I think you mean "Hazzah!"

Or at least:
Then sigh not so, but let them go,
And be you blithe and bonny.
Converting all your sounds of woe
Into hey nonny, nonny.

Wow! Thanks for the information... now I have to write to my cousin and see if he has a guest room. This would be huge fun!
Unlike in the past, you can now use credit cards other than Visa for TIFF ticket purchases.
Cool. I hope it's good. Of course, it'll be ages before I get to see it myself (if ever), but it's good that there's something out there.
Parabola, I just looked it up and I think that if you're not a TIFF member, you can still only use Visa (online, that is). Only members can use other cards this year. Still, let's hope I'm wrong.

To add to what Matt_Fabb said, rush lines are usually very effective, so don't panic if they sell out. I've been in the rush line for several sold-out films (the biggest was probably the King's Speech premiere: completely packed, but they squeezed in about thirty people - I was the last person to be allowed in.). If you come about an hour to ninety minutes ahead, you're basically bound to get in, from my experience.
Too bad indie films like this never end up in the $5 bin at Walmart :-(.
The schedule is up!

The premiere is Saturday, September 8th at 2:30 pm, followed by screenings Sunday, September 9th, and Friday, September 14th.

(Now the impossible question: can I possibly get there, and if so, how?)

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