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July 24 2012

Home entertainment trailer for The Cabin in the Woods. This one abandons all pretense of avoiding spoilers, laying it all out. It actually sort of makes for a better trailer.

That's not bad actually.
I'm impressed. I especially like the cut from Jules dancing to the guys dancing.
It's a better trailer if you've seen it. Otherwise it spoils the key reveals. Not that it much matters now. I dig Lionsgates marketing as people were still mostly unspoiled.
This is a good trailer, even with the spoilers. The original trailer had a bit of a spoiler too, though- it has the scene of Marty going down in the elevator, so I knew he was coming back even after it seemed that he had died. But hey, they all die in the end anyway!
And so do you!
Glad I stopped watching it after the 1st 5 seconds or so, when it was posted yesterday. Despite having spoiled a bit of it for myself while flipping through the companion book.
Ugh, still have to wait 3 months for it.
Best comment underneath ...

"is there a part 2 of this movie soon ?"

Probably yes.
This one actually helps make it fuzzier the order in which the characters die so that's a plus.

Also they're just barely teasing some of the mayhem to come with that elevator shot even if I suppose the crystal boxes give away some of the major details. They did refrain from giving away some of the punchlines you might expect though.
Wouldn't a sequel be sort of the all-time sequel fail?
You could do a parallquel and set it during the events of the first movie.

Or a prequel with a ye oldy haunted house.
I love the "Now all bets are off" line. So perfectly apropos. And yes, I think it actually spoils less than the theatrical release trailer. You know immediately on from the movie that everything's being manipulated from the secret laboratory, so there's actually not a whole world of surprise there. The reappearance of a supposedly dead character at a key moment is far more of a spoiler ruin from the original trailer.
Hmm, this might have actually been the better way to go. It shows and emphasizes the humor more while still making it a bit confusing (who are those guys?!) and scary.

And I still love the idea, which I may have read here on Whedonesque, of having Avengers 2 start off at the end of the Cabin in the Woods.
If there was a Cabin in the Woods / Avengers 2 crossover movie, I'm pretty sure my head would both implode and explode at the same time. (So.... please make this happen?)
Well the paraquell / prequel route was what Oren Peli made of Paranormal Activity 2, it worked before, it could work here and I say it without seeing the movie yet.

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