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July 25 2012

Angel: After the Fall Slipcase Edition available for pre-order. Released in September. They are TPBs, so maybe no extras. It can be found cheaper on

looks quite good although would be good if they included spike after the fall
i may get this as i like to have the hardcovers and tpbs
shame they are not doing pemiere editions of the rest of the series that continued after this (aftermath etc)
Strange how TFAW left Brian Lynch's credit out. Also strange how Amazon lists everyone involved as "(Author)".
I'd really like to see IDW put out all of the Brian Lynch Angel and Spike books in a big hardcover editions the same size as Dark Horse's Buffy Season 8 Library Edition books.

A nice, big 9" x 12" series in the same size as the S8 "Library Editions" reprinting Spike: Asylum #1-5, Spike: Shadow Puppets #1-4, Angel: After the Fall #1-17, Angel #23-27, Angel Annual 1, Spike #1-8, and "This One Time" (from Angel Yearbook), with all of the bonus content from the hardcovers.

My little After the Fall hardcovers look so tiny next to those humungous Buffy volumes I'm afraid they're going to develop an inferiority complex!

have u got the after the fall premiere edition??
its as big as the buffy tales and new season 8 library editions (hardcovers this size are sometimes called oversized hardcovers i think)

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