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July 25 2012

15 stars who (nearly) showed their naughty bits on MTV's "Undressed". Four Whedon actors make the list.

Wow. They look really young. (In the few pics that are actually from Undressed.)

Also, that shirt Marc is wearing looks like something Riley would have complained about having to borrow from Xander when he was in hiding.
Marc's character doesn't seem too thrilled in the picture, so I guess we can imagine he's wearing it not by choice ;P

But're so young and cute-hot! It's boggling!
Heh. I remember this show, but the only (sort of) Whedon actor I remember being in it was Eliza's brother, Nate.
Shows how out of touch I am; my general reaction to the list was "Who?":-)
Katee Sackhoff!

(Not in our company, I admit, but I occasionally wander off.)
When this was on the air I knew a kid who had his digital watch (signs of the times!) programmed to beep an alarm ten minutes before Undressed came on. Any mention of the show still makes me crack up.

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