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July 26 2012

Dollhouse Complete Series Blu-ray on sale at Amazon UK. Dollhouse complete series on Blu-ray available on right now for a great price of £15.97. It should be region free.

Thanks for posting this, been keeping my eye on the prices for a long time and this was just what I was waiting for. Ordered! :D
@DrMaustus: I was thinking the same thing, "Silly Eliza, you can't drive a car like that!"
@Bishop: Maybe we're both wrong? Since the slipcover is for the UK edition, it could be that she's actually in a right-hand-drive car and simply firing out the passenger window? ;)

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According to the product info, it is Region B/2 which means it is NOT compatible with North American Bluray players.
Well spotted, I've amended the entry.
It may be labeled that way but Dollhouse was always region free. It's extra expense to encode the different regions and it isn't done so much anymore for the small TV titles that will struggle to make money anyway. 99.9% certain that this will play anywhere (I could be wrong, things may have changed. Caveat emptor and all that).
I'm almost certain that this release will work in North America and Europe, perhaps even around the world. Amazon still doesn't seem to test their Blu-ray releases. This site, which I trust, claims it is Blu-ray region A and B:

This site also claims it is region free:

Note that Blu-ray regions are NOT the same as DVD regions.

Simon: please reconsider editing my post.
I looked on Zavvi and it said Region B as well. But as you said, sites elsewhere say its region free. So I've amended the entry. Life would be a lot simpler without geographical locking of entertainment products.
@Simon: And they wonder why piracy is so rampant...
So Blu-Ray isn't split into PAL and NTSC right? So these dvds won't play at a faster speed? Bought some UK Buffy dvds awhile back and I hate the speed increase due to the PAL format...
Damn, that cover art is so nice.

I'm pretty sure there are no DVDs in this release (all special features are on Blu-ray discs) so the Pal speed-up issue should not rear its ugly head.
So $25 American? Wonder how much the S&H costs.
thanks for the heads up! less than 20 for the boxset including p&p, wonderful! thanks to you I've gotten both dollhouse and firefly on bluray at really good prices
if you look at the pictures of the actual discs on the amazon page, you can see that there are two region symbols on printed on the discs: <|A|> and <|B|> (though you can't read them, the fact that they're there means pretty much that these are region 1/2 compatible)

@Simon: zavvi and thehut don't test their Blu Rays, they pretty much ALWAYS state region B/2 even when it's in fact not true at all (that's where I bought the Alien Anthology which is region A, B and C even but zavvi's page only stated region B so I trusted amazon's region free info)

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