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July 26 2012

30 seconds of Joss Whedon at Eliza Dushku's THRIVEGulu fundraiser. Spotted this short clip on Twitter, and thought it might serve as a way into discussing tonight's charity meet and greet Thursday night in San Francisco for THRIVEGulu. ETA: Some of the Q&A can be found here. ETA: And the first five minutes.

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I added a link to some more YouTube footage. Anyone here go?
He talks about not tweeting, in that added clip. Mostly the same as what he's said before. But he also this time said that he expects someday it will happen.
Nice to hear Joss et al. are trying to get Dr Horrible 2 in production before the end of the year.
If Joss was on twitter he'd probably get a million tweets saying WHY'D YOU KILL MY FAVORITE CHARACTER XYZ?! Way too much of a headache. Some of the crap I see written about him online just pisses me off and I'd hate for people to have a platform to send it to him directly. I would love to read his tweets but for now I'll stick to reading his stories/scripts/comics/etc.

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I was lucky enough to attend! It was great and intimate, only 35-40 fans in total. I'm about to upload the first part of the Q&A momentarily.
On youtube? Thanks ahead of time, Heisenberg!
The first part of the Q&A; Joss on The Dark Knight Rises, Firefly on Netflix, what he's watching on TV. Eliza on Buffy vs. Angel.

The video is good but unfortunately the audio is fairly poor, Joss was hilarious as usual.
I was there with my sister. Sadly I couldn't hear much, so I'm glad this is being posted to YouTube. It was quick but fun.

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