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July 27 2012

Premiere event for Jane Espenson's "Husbands" Season 2 at the Paley Center Los Angeles. "Husbands" is the first online sitcom to be hosted at the Paley Center for the Media. The event features a Season 2 preview screening followed by a look behind the scenes. Jane Espenson is scheduled to appear along with co-creator Brad Bell ("Cheeks"), and others.

The direct link for buying tickets is and FYI: Paley Center will live tweet from @paleycenter.

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I am SOOO there! :D

The perks of FINALLY moving to L.A. :)
Oh wow. That's really great.
Yep, going to this :) after meeting them and going to the panel at SDCC, I hope they don't think I'm stalking them haha
This will be fun. And it's so cheap, I bought tickets for my husband & daughter even though I haven't asked if they want to go yet. So I may have 3 seats to myself... :)

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