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July 27 2012

Secret benefactor pays $20,000 for lunch with Joss Whedon. This happened at the recent event for Eliza Dushku's charity ThriveGulu.

I'm so jealous. Why am I poor?
Didn't he do much more for The Avengers than just write the screenplay? (not that The Avengers screenplay is any old "just a screenplay", but you know what I mean). Odd.
Isn't someone only a 'benefactor' if they don't get anything out of it? I'd call this guy "winner".
I would try to convince Joss Whedon to hire Summer Glau in his next blockbuster.

It's not like he doesn't know what she's capable of, after all.

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So it looks like it's a lunch meeting? Ha. How interesting.
Yes, I'd expect a new show for that amount of money too :p.
I wonder if Joss will have a Gouda pizza...

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Yes he did, he wrote and directed it, as it also says in the article.
It isn't me. I'm waay to poor. I'm pretty sure I'm not even allowed to look at that much money.

And, @J.I.G. , I thought they would have Shawarma :)
My theory: Joss paid the 20k to have a quiet lunch by himself for once.
Not a bad idea, gwenzlau...but couldn't Kai just take the kids for an outing and he just chills out at home with food he didn't pay a bomb for?

I don't doubt he could pay $$$ to have quiet time but he already has a getaway cottage that serves as a neutral abode where he goes to write and work on ideas. It seems like he could go there anytime he wants (and we just saw a photo of it here someplace; lots of whiteboards).
Thanks skytteflickan88. My tired eyes must have jumped right over the "directed and" part!
Not buying it, Joss has never steered his interest in that way.
One would pay 20 grand,
I could pay 20 bucks. *lol* :-D

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