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July 28 2012

The runtime for 'Much Ado About Nothing' gets revealed. According to the updated TIFF page, the film is 107 minutes long (and it's dark and sexy).

Basically the same length as Ken Branagh's version then. I wonder how the two will compare.
Oh wow, that's really long. Somehow I expected it to be short.
Music by Joss Whedon? I thought Jed was doing that.
Jed and Mo did a song, I think. Joss did the score.
@redders: Kenneth Branagh's work displays the kind of awe that a student has for his master. My prediction is that Joss' take on the material will radiate a passion and excitement well known to us here: the kind that can only come from a fan.
pat32082, Ahhhh. Yes. Sorry.
A reasonable length. The full play would probably take three hours or so on stage, so he's made judicious cuts, but hasn't sliced it out of all recognition.

A film-critic friend who's a virtual stranger to the Whedonverses promises to try to see this at TIFF. His take should be interesting, since he'll have no preconceptions for the actors.
107 minutes is not really long. It's less than two hours.
By comparison to The Avengers (143 minutes) that is short!
Jaymii did you miss his panels during Comic Con? He announced he was doing the score to huge applause (granted, everything he says gets huge applause at Comic Con :P)
I am more excited about this film then I was about Cabin or Avengers.... And that's saying something haha
D-e-f-, I did. When I had time to watch, only the Nerd HQ panel was up, so I watched that and Firefly. Might go back to watch the SDCC one if it has lots of different stuff.
I was expecting shorter too, I guess just because of how quick the production was.
I don't know how you could make a Shakespeare movie for all that much shorter than 1 hour 47 minutes. One worth watching, anyway.
That's pretty darned short.
Well, no slight against Branagh's version but I think Joss probably chose not to have the opening bit where the main leads ride up to Leonato's villa, since that took up a few minutes of Branagh version ;D
Dark and Sexy? I am extremely looking forward to this! Hopefully I'll get to see it before the end of next year lol!
Actually, I've always seen it as a "never ending" story. Repeat and repeat again. 'Course, that's just me.
Kenneth Branagh's work displays the kind of awe that a student has for his master.

I don't really see that. If I read that without knowing the film I'd expect it to be an over-earnest attempt at giving us "traditional" Shakespeare and it's really anything but that. Branagh's film is truly a film--the camera-work is beautiful (I still wonder how they pulled off that long final shot--precisely the kind of long oner, actually, that Joss himself likes to try to pull off. Moreover, he takes a lot of risks in casting (some of which work spectacularly, one of which fails spectacularly [I'm looking at you, Keanu]) and in the way he gives the actors full scope to explore their own approaches to their parts (Michael Keaton, for example).

Branagh's Much Ado is a really terrific film. I have every confidence that Joss's will be too. I'm happy to be in a world where both versions will be available.

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