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July 29 2012

Call for papers on Dollhouse. If you like writing essays on the Whedonverse then you might be interested in writing a proposal for "Confounding Purpose, Confusing Identity: Examinations of Reality and Fantasy in Joss Whedon's Dollhouse".

Looking forward to the final product!

I find those essays fascinating and Dollhouse needs some more representation!
I'd really like to do this, but the proposed timeline for submissions would kill me. Stupid grad school. :(
Oooh...I'm tempted. But dang, that's a lot of reading to become familiar with.
Argh. I really want to do this, but a month just isn't enough time for this kind of paper. Especially with grad school and a full-time job.

But I'm really tempted to see if I can fit it in my schedule somehow...
Cool. I've long had this idea of the Dollhouse as a metaphor for military service, but I think it would really work better as a youtube mashup than an essay.
@Jesse, it sounds like they are accepting proposals for full papers, not only completed ones. Otherwise I wouldn't have a snowball's chance either.

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