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"Three months of this. And he dusts our only lead."
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July 29 2012

Drew Goddard talks to Collider at The Saturn Awards. Covers several subjects including Cabin In The Woods and his work on World War Z.

Miller's Daredevil run (along with Claremont's X-Men run) is what got me into comic books back in the 80s, I would do several DD-style backflips over rooftops (not successfully, but I'd try dammit!) if Drew took on the Daredevil relaunch. That would SO make my day.
It is fun to see a good interview with Drew, thanks for posting this!
Any Cabin spoilers in this? The movie is still not out everywhere so that would be appreciated :)
The closest it comes to a spoiler is that Drew doesn't know what genre to classify Cabin. "I think it's a horror movie?"

Good interview. I would be very interested in seeing what Drew could do with "Born Again" (Daredevil), both as a director and as a screenwriter.

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