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July 30 2012

Anna Torv quotes Joss Whedon at The Saturn Awards. "In the speech, she quoted Joss Whedon, much to the delight of everyone in attendance. She somehow recently came across Whedon's famous quote from his 2002 New York Times profile..."

That's so cool. Hoping Anna gets to work with Joss in one of this upcoming projects.
I'd love to see her work with Joss too. And not just because I could girl crush on her like crazy.
Anna Torv is amazing. She should get so much work after Fringe ends, what she's done on that show has been a delight to watch. If she ever were to work with Joss, it would be a sight to see!!!
Heh, how fun.
I still want Anna Torv in a Valkyrie movie.
If we could not have a SMG for any future Buffy, I would take her instead.
I could watch Anna Torv watch grass grow and be content for the rest of my life.
Already loved her for her steely and intelligent performance in Fringe. Whedon collection is the gravy on the top.
It would've been nice if whoever posted this had mentioned that there was a MAJOR SPOILER for THE CABIN IN THE WOODS in this article!
Penthos: But would you watch Anna Torv watch paint drying, and still be content?

dkrentzlin: But at least the article itself has "spoiler alerts". (Or if it didn't before, it did when I read it.)

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