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July 30 2012

CW sets air date for 'Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog'. It will make its television debut on the CW on Tuesday, October 9, at 9 PM.

Rachel Bilson rolling into NPH. What a cute night.

They should promote it as an Avengers prequel (but not one of the crappy ones).
"Maurissa Tancharden"? Really, CW publicity department?
Too bad they cant show the making of special after like how upn did with omwf.

I wonder if they'll actually promote it as being from the director of The Avengers? Alot of new eyes.

Also I think it would fit better on adult swim.

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I'm really curious where the commercial breaks will go.
After each Act? It's 42 mins long I recall, so ideal TV length.
Isn't there usually more than three? It has been a long time since I watched TV on the TV though.
Well we'll certainly have a discussion thread for it on the night.
Unless they are making special provision, they will need to find additional ad breaks, somewhere. And there's no opening credits so they can't go Credits, Ads, Act I.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2012-07-30 17:51 ]
I wonder if anything will get cut.
So will actors et al get a little money for this? Hope so.

I am writing this down on calendar NOW.

And it's 2 days before New York Comic Con, which I am attending. Looks like that week is shaping up to be quite awesome.
I'm wondering, due to it's special nature, if they will just air the ads where the acts are. Joss might have made that necessary to give them the rights.
I'm skeptical anyone could "make that necessary". CW makes its money from commercials. What would they get out of making a deal like that?
It's 42 minutes (I think), so the right amount of ads will air regardless.
Pedowitz has been a big fan of 'Dr. Horrible': It'll be basically what has been online, re-edited for 42 min TV slot #TCAs12 #DrHorrible
- source
It's not about the amount of ads, it's where they will go.
It would make the commercial breaks super long though, I'd be worried that people would tune out... :o/

However they do it, this is super awesome!!

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Well we did have a two day gap between acts the first time it aired.
Having super short ads didn't exactly help Dollhouse..

If it were me, I'd place an extra break in "The hammer is my pen...", and return to Brand New Day.
Pedowitz says it was his idea to ask Joss Whedon about airing "Dr. Horrible' on the CW. #TCAs12 #DrHorrible
- source
"Hopefully if Joss does another one we'll get a crack at doing that," Pedowitz said of televising Dr. Horrible on The CW. #tcas12
b!X, Okay? You go on to say it's the same amount of ads, so I don't understand your point.

It's not like we haven't had them in odd places before. Dollhouse season one was abnormal, so was Once More, With Feeling. Not to mention Joss didn't need to sell the film.
This cracks me up, a television DEBUT for something that won an EMMY three years ago . . . Hee!
Because it's not about the minute count of ads, it's where they will go. They need more breaks than the piece has, so the question is where to put them.
Gossi- not saying they should be short commercial breaks, just saying that if they don't add commercial breaks in the middle of acts, then the ones between acts would have to be longer than the average commercial break. I mean, I guess they could also stock pile a bunch of the commercials for between when it ends and whatever is at 10 begins, but I don't think the advertisers would love that idea...

Simon - Yeah, but I'm talking about the average-doesn't-know-who-Joss-is-viewer. I would've waited months between acts, but those might tune out if the commercials are longer than your average commercial break
You know, I just think it's cool it is airing at all.
Well, there are scene breaks in it too, in addition to the act breaks. There are plenty of places they could fit in ads without disrupting the flow (too much). Obviously, the act breaks would be the best place to put the bulk of the commercials though.
I agree with Gossi (and others that have said it), I'm just happy its going to be shown on national tv. How exciting!

As for the commercials, does anyone watch "live" TV these days? I haven't seen a commercial in what seems like years.
CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! Wooooo hoooo :D
I'm very excited about this, it is just cool to get it seen by more people. I don't care where the ads go, if they screw it up then we'll all have fun snarking/complaining/bitching endlessly about it online. Hopefully they won't screw it up too badly.
FWIW, the Dr. Horrible powers-that-be worked it out with the CW into six acts (what TV hour-longs usually have). No idea of specifics, but at least the break choices sound collaborative.
I'm so excited :D I haven't seen Dr. Horrible in probably about a year.
Don't CW shows usually have 7 acts?
That I have no idea. But I asked and was told it will be six.
Most modern broadcast series air in six segments, though the first segment may feature both the teaser and first act (which is presumably split up for reruns). So I imagine that each act of Dr. Horrible will be split into two segments.
You usually want to try and break on a bit of a cliffhanger. I would put the extra breaks:

- after Dr H tell Moist, "if the League is watching I've got to go this alone" and before cutting to Penny singing to strangers about her petition (would require some editing as the music overlaps the cut)

- after Dr H gets the call from the League telling him he has to kill somebody -or- right when Billy bumps into Hammer at the laundromat (might require some editing to get the beat right)

- just after Dr H freezes Hammer and lets out his evil laugh
I wonder if in the TV version, Dr. Horrible will shoot the deathray first...
BringItOn5x5, the TV edit will no doubt have Billy scream, "NNNNOOOOOO" as he sees Penny wounded in the corner.

Well played ;)
From TV Guide's article: (You have to scroll down a bit, and there is other Whedon-alum-related info):

Just what the Dr. Horrible ordered: Pedowitz was personally instrumental in getting Joss Whedon's award-winning Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog webisodes to make its television debut this fall on Tuesday, Oct. 9 at 9/8c. "I've been a big fan. I was proactive. I gave the phone call," he confessed. "We are primarily going to re-edit it for TV."

It would be funny if, when Emily Owens MD premieres exactly one week after Dr. H, people will eventually ask if there could be a Dr. Horrible series, because they'd rather than that instead.
I think a ad break can fit into the 3rd act after Billy freezes Hammer. The 3rd act is the longest.

Also the scene where Horrible talks about getting a car thrown at him would be good too.

[ edited by eddy on 2012-07-30 22:00 ]
I'll be interested in the TV re-edit for sure, just purely on a nerdy film student level of seeing if some scenes have slightly extended footage (say, if they need a slightly less abrupt cut to commercial) or anything like that.

Which is to say, I'm wondering if they'll be re-editing by going back to the original footage, or just by chopping up what's already sitting there.
I think the CW just needs to read this thread to figure out the best place for cuts.
Cool! I might actually be able to watch this .... I finally have an (old, secondhand) TV, and bought a converter box for the Olympics. :-)
Incentive for DH II to get made? I hope so!
I would hope that Joss, Lisa, and/or Jed would be involved in any editing.

Would they change content I wonder? Is there anything too edgy for the CW? Or product placement issues maybe?
I would hope that Joss, Lisa, and/or Jed would be involved in any editing.
Someone was involved somewhere in some fashion; I just don't know the specifics. (I asked; I just didn't ask for specifics.)

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2012-07-31 03:51 ]
I don't think theres anything in DRH thats too edgy for CW's S&P. I at first thought the penis line but there was dirtier stuff in Buffy season 6.
Imagine if this got good ratings and The CW made it a yearly event.
Some of the premium channels carried by my cable provider upload extras for their current shows in the On Demand section. Brief post episode commentaries, inside look/making of segments, stuff like that. I haven't seen CW do that, but it would be neat if they uploaded Commentary the Musical.
No way the penis goes uncut. On CW.
Heh,heh. Must be exceptionally evil that night. Working plans upon plans.

Must be apocalyptic....ties, ties. Damn it!!
How does this being broadcast on a US TV network fit in with the whole strike ethos?

[ edited by bivith on 2012-07-31 14:27 ]
bivith, I think its karma. And vindication. "We made this while we were striking against the big evil machine and now that same machine has to buy it from us because it's pure awesome...and all the studios can put out is weak-sauce."

Maybe that's overstating it a bit but I see it as a big middle finger to the status quo (and we all know the status is not quo).
Presuming the CW isn't giving away free advertising it will be profiting from the efforts of a work created during the WGA strike, which is surely questionable. Or is there a statute of limitations on that sort of thing?
@alexreager You are right, the status is not quo... It's changing pretty quickly. Patton Oswalt's recent open letters also do a good job of pointing how broadcast gatekeepers need to adapt to this new reality:

So props to Joss for Dr. Horrible, Bellweather and not letting broadcast gatekeepers stop him from telling the stories he wants to tell.

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garyyager, thanks for that link, a good read.
bivith, the writers were striking against their employers which are the studios and no studio (except Joss) has anything to do with this product. Networks are not owned by studios (usually sister companies but separate on purpose) and are distribution channels like iTunes or Netflix. Dr. Horrible is an instance of an independent operator beating (or managing a small temporary victory) the studios at their own game. There is absolutely no conflict (ethically, legally or morally) in Joss (as his own studio) licensing CW to air Dr. Horrible. It's a win win all around and those are the best kinds.
Thank you, IrrationaliTV. I felt like there was no way Joss would do it if there was some kind of conflict, but I hadn't thought about it long enough to figure it out. If I ever would've.

Anyway, yay! Excited to see it on TV. :)

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