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July 30 2012

The Buffy movie is 20 years old today. It came out in the States back in July 31st 1992. And if you want more nostalgia, read this MovieLine article about the movie (random trivia item: Robert Downey Jr. visited the set).

I'm surprised how honest everyone involved was about the fact that Donald Sutherland was difficult to work with.
When I saw this movie at the cinema when I was in high school, I thought it was hilarious!
Actually, it wasn't that bad. Sure, plenty of "B" grade moments of acting, but it still had heart.

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Villagers demand pictures
this weirdly funny script by a 25-year-old with red hair flowing down to his ass.
okay, bottom pic

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My (late) husband and I had been married two months when Buffy the Movie came out. It was the first movie we saw together, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. We really enjoyed it.

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I really liked the movie when i was a kid.
There were two movies I really disliked in the 90s, this one and Alien Resurrection. But it probably is time for a Buffy movie rewatch. I was looking at the quotes on IMDB and they are very funny.
Thanks, goodtime.
I remember my sister having a sleepover birthday party where all the girls watched Buffy in her room. It was all the rage, but my parents wouldn't let me near it for fear of it being too scary. We started watching the show together during early season two, creating a life-long obsession. Though I did not watch the movie until FX aired it right before playing "Welcome to the Hellmouth" when they started the reruns around 2001.

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Is there anyway I can get the unadulterated script by Joss? I would really like to read it.
I've been showing my 11 year old sister seasons 1-5 of Buffy lately and a couple weeks ago she went to a friends birthday sleepover and they watched the original movie! I was so surprised that they'd picked a twenty year old film show to a group of young girls. My sister's first question was of course "how does this fit the canon" hehe.
I am a little amazed at how candid everyone was about their qualms about each other and each other's talent or lack thereof. I can only imagine how Joss must have felt during the shooting of this film.
Ricardo Leal, I think the best way to read the story for the movie from the original script is to read the DH comic book based on it. Unless you can dig up the actual script, but I haven't happened upon it.
Really? That script is not hard to find at all. A quick Google search will bring up tons of script databases with it on.
Thanks Mitholas, I'm gonna check that out!

Yes Jaymii, I know how to use Google too! ;-)

What I was looking for was the *unadulterated* script and not the shooting script which the producers changed after Joss left.

If anyone finds this, please do tell.
Film has some moments I can relate to, but all in all I celebrate the script, not Ms. Kuzui's poor execution.
Ricardo Leal-Not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for? Buffy script.

I have a question for y'all: has Joss ever stated that BtVS the movie is NOT canon? And if so, is there a link that proves this?
I've seen a couple of articles about the changes made to his script by those in charge and how things would have to be tweaked to get things to mesh...just wish I recalled links.

To be honest, the amount of detail that had to be tweaked was relatively small...Buffy's age (senior in 1992 vs. junior when she starts at Sunnydale High in early 1997, making the events of the film happen while she's a freshman at Hemery after retcon), making Merrick look NOTHING like He-Who-Won't Be Named (aka Kiefer Sutherland's dad), other background stuff.

At least to me, it's the attitude and message that got massively overhauled, with the details getting only a minor tune-up :P
The only change I can remember for sure is that the script had Buffy burning down the gym to kill the vampires (as was mentioned early in the tv show), but they didn't do that in the movie.

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