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July 31 2012

Watch the first post-credits scene from 'The Avengers'. Marvel have also released six other promo clips to promote the Blu-ray/DVD (including this fantastic scene).

Oooh, Item 47 seems fun.
Ooohhhh, I just had a moment in my pants watching that scene again. And again. And again.
Okay....... When this film comes out on Blu Ray, I'm not going to have a life, honestly... I saw it 9 times in theaters, and now I'm going to OWN it?
The commentary... I'm already having dreams about it...
I just hope that Scarlett (or Scarlett and Cobie) will keep things from being too malecentric in commentary content, since I felt the commentary for Serenity was great but Summer was a bit too quiet. Natural shyness I imagine :P
I thought only Joss was going to be doing commentary?
All I'm getting is advertising for Call of Duty Black Ops with every clip despite the fact it shows characters from the film before I click to start it. Anyone else having this problem? Is it due to my iPad maybe? I'll have to check on my computer tomorrow.
"And Hulk." "Grr?" "Smash." "Grr."

Anyone else get a General Buffy "I hope they choke on us" vibe from Tony's little "And you managed to piss off every one of us" talk to Loki up in Stark Tower?

I thought only Joss was going to be doing commentary?

eddy | July 31, 23:37 CET

Possibly, but I find that idea kinda...lacking. Joss is Boss and will create a masterpiece of a director's commentary but I can't see him choosing not to push for a group commentary from the main cast, or as many as can be rounded up at the time chosen to have stuff like commentary tracks recorded.

I mean, think about it...a commentary track where you possibly could have Joss, Samuel L. Jackson, RDJ and Hiddleston all chipping in! And if we were really lucky, all 6 Avengers + Sam Jackson and Hiddleston! Most likely a fantasy, but commentaries on Whedon products are golden!

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