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July 31 2012

"H+": the future of web series? Indiewire's Valentina Valentini takes a look at the Bryan Singer-produced sci-fi digital series premiering August 8th on YouTube, co-starring our very own Alexis Denisof.

Wait. They named their web series after Hulu Plus? Yeah, that's not going to be confusing at all...
I don't know anyone who calls Hulu Plus "H+". Then again, I'm not sure I know anyone with Hulu Plus.
Looks like an interesting experiment with some similarities to what I've seen of Revolution (NBC in the Fall in the US). Likely, H+ will be more creatively and thematically daring given the relative independence of the series. In any case, I subscribed.
Alexis Denisof and Sean Gunn TOGETHER? Now I can't calm down.
It'll probably be the future of my web series viewing.
Sounds potentially cool. And Alexis Denisof bumps it up from "potentially cool" to "absolutely must watch." :-)
I just wish someone would finally explain to webseries creators that while videos of lolcats are quite long enough at a few minutes a pop, anything that one is supposed to watch in a "television-like" fashion (like, you know, a webseries) is definitely too dang short at 5-8-10 minutes per "episode". Until they finally get this, youtube-based series will keep feeling like one single chopped-up movie - not cool.
Yeah, adding in a Whedonverse actor is a pretty good move if you want a geeky core audience to give it a shot. Adding Sean Gunn just tickles my inner Gilmore Girls viewer, so I'll definitely be watching this. Sounds like a cool idea. Hope it'll play out well.

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