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July 31 2012

More video from Eliza Dushku's THRIVEGulu event with Joss Whedon. "What's Trending" brings coverage of last week's fundraiser, including nearly five-minutes of video from THRIVEGulu.

Noticed the What's Trending site listed Randi Zuckerberg, older sister to Mark, as performing music. Purely speculatory: anonymous big money donor from Zuck? (He's signed onto The Giving Pledge to donate the majority of his wealth to charity.)
Yeah, I was wondering if the big donor was outed yet...and were any Whedonesquers on-hand at the event?
I'm entertained by him referring to it as 'the tech'. I called a friend out of mine for doing the same thing just the other day (and she's seen Dollhouse too). It's not horribly esoteric phrasing or anything, but simply hearing it in that phrasing always brings me back to the double-edgedness of our modern swords.

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Thrive on, Eliza. Thrive on, Joss.
This was beautiful.
Anyone else welling up at Joss's speech at the beginning?

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