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July 31 2012

The Sixth Annual Pajiba Ten: A celebration of the coolest, sexiest celebrities on the planet. Three Avengers actors make the cut.

The whole time I kept thinking "if Tom Hiddleston isn't on this list, it's invalid."

Good thing I was pleasantly surprised :D
Is it bad I just want Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth to take over Hollywood?!

Well, it IS slowly happening... :D

Joss Whedon: Solidifying careers since 1997.
My first reaction was: 'only three'? Because that was a hot assembly of actors!
Yay for Benedict Cumberbatch. Very talented man, and he picks challenging roles, which I admire.
They are very cool and sexy actors. I was a little surprised to see which three made the list, but not at all in a negative way. I was expecting Scarlett. Just too many sexy cool people in Avengers (including cameos).
I was asking myself why I clicked on this when I have stuff to do but that's actually a pretty awesome list that I totally can't argue with.
Nice to see Donald Glover against these other (more expected) guys. Talented man.
I would have personally had all the Avenger actors on the list - but seeing Tom and Chris makes me happy enough.
Scarlett is definitely one of the "coolest, sexiest celebrities" in the industry right now, but I get the sense that this list is more for those actors who are relatively new to the national attention span.

And Chris Hemsworth as the lead in Spielberg's "Robopocalypse"? Ok, before there was Avengers, there was Thor (which he got after Joss recommended him to Kenneth Branagh), before that was Cabin. Joss is definitely to thank for his much-deserved stardom.

That list that came out before about the hypothetical cast for a Buffy reboot movie... I'm still a little in love with the idea of Jennifer Lawrence as Buffy Summers. And Donald Glover as Oz! They would do justice to the characters, while making them their own. I'd love to see something happen again, but only if Joss is involved.
Jennifer Lawrence would, unfortunately, probably be far better for a "Buffy" reboot than a "Buffy" reboot would be for Jennifer Lawrence. The write-up on her is completely accurate, though.
Hiddleston. Yes.

Great list.

But, Hiddleston. His voice deserves its own spot on the list.

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