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August 01 2012

Battle of the vampires - Spike vs. Damon. It's the semifinal of TVLine's Ultimate Bad Boy tournament.

As of now, Spike is behind Damon...
There's something to be said for relevance, even as someone who could care less about vampire bad boys in general. I've said before that it's the internet; Spike would win polls for "best TV doctor", "best TV cop", "best reality show host", etc, if you put him in them, so I am guessing he'll pull through somehow :)
I don't wanna choose. I want both.
I don't know KoC, Damon is pretty popular too...

And the tournament is just bad boys in general. I don't think the other half of the bracket even had any vampires... not that I remember anyway. Still can't believe Dean Winchester got beat so early... *sob*
I'm shocked that Dean lost to Neal from White Collar. Didn't realize he was that popular.
Gods below, the fact that Tyrion Lannister can loose to anybody at all invalidate this entire game to me. :) I think though that Eric Northman would *probably* beat every other vampire bad boy out there.
Spike's the best bad boy in tv history. Any other argument is invalid. And he's so close!!! Vote people :)
Oh, I know Damon is popular. I voted for him, in fact :) As with Spike, he gets mushier and less bad in pretty much every sense as his show goes on, but in the initial full blush of bad boy-ness, he wins because his stuff worked waaaaaaay more often than Spike's.

I think Neal should win of the four they have left, though. Spike and Damon wouldn't be much of "bad boys" at all without the fangs, and unlike Tony Stark summarizing his uniqueness without armor, neither of those two can rattle off a list of things that make them particularly 'bad' if you strip the fangs away. Chuck Bass... soap opera gigolo. Caffrey is the quintessential smooth criminal, and manages to stay just unrepentant enough of it that he is the real 'bad boy' of this foursome.
I dunno. Seems to me that "ultimate smooth criminal" and "when I get upset I kill people" are rather different categories of bad. I enjoy Neal, but don't find him nearly as interesting as Spike or Damon.

I voted Spike because I love his character arc. (But if I were voting attractiveness, it would be a different story...)
I always double-take when I see these headlines :).
Wow! What a close vote. While I love Damon, Spike will always be #1 to me.
Spike lost. Boo. I voted for Neal against Damon.

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